Casket Crew and What We Do!

Fruit of the Tomb is owned and operated by my husband, Robert Filteau and myself, Rose Filteau.  During the day we both have full time jobs. Robert is an attorney and I am a BCBA ( Board Certified Behavior Analyst) at a psych hospital for children and young adults.

We both love that super awesome feeling of fall and the seasonal things that are associated with it especially, Halloween.   We have designed , produced  and procured products that  you can wear anytime and anywhere. Many of our designs and products fit perfectly into a professional environment as well. We decided to start Fruit of the Tomb to help you find unique, fun and slightly twisted clothing  that will assist you in "Creeping It Real 365".

On various weekends you can find us  at markets and festivals as we  showcase our products. We hope that you enjoy shopping with us both online and in person.

  April 22, 2017 - Gussied Up Spring Fling -

  April 22, 2017 - ( Downtown )Houston)

Our Team :

*  Robert Filteau - CEO,CFO

* Rose Filteau  - CMO ,CDE,CAA

* David Filteau - Design Consultant

* Noemi Garcia - Purchasing Agent 

* Denny Klaesner - Webmaster and Web designer

You can reach us at : ( we both work day jobs so please give us a few hours to respond)

You can also follow us on Facebook at :